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  • terrible auto interior mini van
  • mini van after auto interior cleaning
  • don't use a kitchen scrubber on your clear coat
  • Lexus trunk after heavy compound and polish
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  • boat before and after compound
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  • black Bentley
  • white honda civic before pic
  • white civic after compound and pressure wash
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  • black hood before and after compound polish
  • dirty car before pic
  • after compound and polish
  • faded white Toyota
  • same Totota after compound and polish
  • front seats before and after
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  • two MB country club
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Car Boat Detailing Sarasota Lakewood Ranch

Also Longboat Key, Siesta Key, Lido Key, Casey Key

  (941) 400-7897

These are our Google Places reviews for the last 4 years.

(941) 400 7897.

(941) 400 7897.

Car detailing  Sarasota  Lakewood Ranch, Siesta Key, Longboat Key, Lido Keys . No service  for West Bradenton .  I have 13 years of experience so their is not much I have not seen. Call for appt. day or night this is my cell number.  We are also very experienced in marine detailing. We use 3M compounds and Aqua-Buff waxes with Pro Polish finishing material. Our vans are self-contained, we have water and generator if needed in remote locations, such as office parking lots.  But mostly we come to the homes where there is water and electric available.  Complete auto detailing from $100 inside and out. Plus an average of $30-$60  for more involved carpet cleaning  of seats and mats. We do a dealership type of detail. We started out processing cars for auto brokers in Sarasota. Now we do this to our retail customers. This involves taking the car they buy at auction and making it look as good as possible. From engine detailing to compounding, to heavy-duty auto interior cleaning . So if your selling a car $100-130-160 detail can be a great investment. Or if you’ve bought a vehicle that  has smoke or other smells that need to be deep cleaned. Call Picture Perfect Detailing Sarasota Lakewood Ranch. We put mint extract with carpet cleaning solution for a deep cleaning of auto interiors.

We do not do “car wash” only. Only complete details.

 Auto Detailing Prices Inside&Out  $100   light interior cleaning   approx. 3 hours
Minivans-SUV-Rough Cars $130-$150     heavy interior cleaning 3-5 hours

- pressure wash wheels, engine, door&trunk jams+exterior
- then  wash as needed
- apply Automagic polymer wax with glaze using an orbital buffer

-take off with polishing  buffer(no swirls).

- clean and condition all interior, vacuum carpets
- dress tires and clean all windows inside and out
- clean and dress engine

Additional Services For Slightly More:

- compounding scratches or faded paint $50-100
- buffing & wet sanding headlights            $ 30-50
- over spray removal with clay bar           $100-150

- excessive dog hair removal                       $30+

Call James (941) 400-7897


Marine Boat Detailing Sarasota Lakewood Ranch The Keys


As far as Marine, boat detailing. I also do many boats for marine mechanics and boat brokers who just bought rough boats and they want to bring them up to standard, so the family can use them. I have a 25 foot Cobia deck boat so I know what is takes to keep things in great shape.  This is tough work for sure but we have excellent results. Average price is $15+ per foot.  See prices for services tab for a more detailed pricing breakdown. RV’s only the newer painted on surfaces. We do not do the older gel coat finished they require several time-consuming steps and have varied results.   Call for appt. day or night  (941) 400-7897. Appts for M-F 10am- and 2 pm and one Saturday appointment. No Sunday appointments ever. That’s for Church, boating and scuba diving.



Average $15+ per foot

RV’s new painted on clear coat finishes only $10 per foot average

Boat Detailing Sarasota 941 400 7897

My boat every Sunday


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Car detailing Sarasota Lakewood Ranch

Car detailing Sarasota Lakewood Ranch 941 400 7897


Car Boat Detailing Sarasota Lakewood Ranch

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