• 36 foot Invincible
  • Blue Everglades Detail
  •  Whaler under tree for 2 years
  • Whaler after interior cleaning
  • Black Oxidized Regal before pic
  • black Regal after compound and sealer
  • Regal before and after
  • Bottom stains before and after
  • Me- James
  • Sea Ray Detail
  • Twin V Detail
  • Sea Ray Marina
  • Yellowfin flats boat
  • My boat diving Ft. Laud.
  • My wife Lupe and I
  • Edgewater detail
  • Bayliner before pic green
  • Bayliner after pic
  • Whaler
  • headlight restoration
  • Selling your car need engine detailed?
  • after engine detail
  • Camero with mineral deposits from sprinkler
  • Camero after compound and polish
  • Two MB details
  • serious scatches
  • same car after heavy compound and polish
  • My boat nice day diving
  • Chapperell
  • Country Club 2 Details
  • Edgewater Bradenton
  • Aston Martin Downtown Area
  • Everglades Bay Boat Detail
  • Me James buffing
  •  Grady White Detail
  • Deck Boat With Rust Before Pic
  • Deck Boat Removed Rust After Pic
  • Black Regal before and after
  • black Regal on lift before pic dirty boat
  •  left side black Regal
  • Everglades Marina Detailing
                             Boat  Detailing Sarasota Bradenton
                            Also Longboat Key, Siesta Key, Lido Key, Casey Key

We are a fully licensed and insured contractor. With 14 years of experience.

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Boat Car Detailing Sarasota 941 400 7897

 Boat  Detailing Sarasota Bradenton  Longboat Key Siesta Key Lido

Boat  detailing Sarasota area call James (941) 400-7897. We are fully licensed and insured to be able to work at marinas and storage lots.  Call to schedule appointments anytime I  like to have the next week booked out asap.

We do not work weekends.  Appointments are Monday thru Fridays.

Boat marine detailing  Sarasota Bradenton  Siesta Key Longboat Key Lido Key.   I have 14 years of experience, so I’ve likely seen your issue 100’s of times before . Call to book an appointment day or night.   We use AquaBuff, Collinite Fleet wax, Maguires, 3M  waxes, compounds and sealants. I also do many boats for marine mechanics and boat brokers.  Many people who just bought rough boats and they want to bring them up to standard so the family can use them. This is tough work for sure but we have excellent results. Average price is from $15+ per foot for cleaning inside and buffing outside on trailers or marina work stations. Boats on lifts usually around $20 a foot, can run more depending on the lift and if we can get to most of the boat. And how much had to be done with a raft, which takes more time to do.


Boat Detailing Sarasota Bradenton Areas

We clean the boat and all compartments. Also get off most tough bottom stains. Polish metal with Collinite metal polish. Then compound and polish oxidixed boats with AquaBuff and seal with Fleet wax for a longer lasting hold. Average price is around $15- per foot. Cabin cruisers, and heavy duty cleaning my be a little extra. Also average is – cleaning inside and buffing outside including the top by the railings. And the center console.  Full interior buffing can be  a seperate price if their is a lot of interior area. Because interior buffing is very time consuming, and  because it’s hard to get the buffer in many areas. But on boats on the water ect. we charge as a seperate detail for most bigger interior details.  Plus many interiors are neglected and the gel coats may be fried by the sun and by using bleach to clean on a regular basis. So they many not have the gel coat neccessary to be able to be buffed successfully.  Materials alone on the average boat cost around $50+. I use 3m Perfect It buffing pads ($27) each, expensive waxes Collinite Fleet liquid and paste $60 a bottle, Collinite metal polish, cleaners but if your like most and do this once a year you want the best products possible.

Most boats that haven’t been done in around a year need (cutting) compounding  This is tough work for sure appling material evenly in a 2 foot by 2 foot section then buff it evenly. Then move to the next 2 foot square. Maybe 2-3 stages or steps of this. We have excellent results. I have a 25 foot center console  so I know what is takes to keep things in great shape.
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Lupe and James Valentines Day 2015

My wife Lupe and I out at some funtions in Sarasota.





Boat  Detailing Sarasota Bradenton

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